Thursday, 9 November 2017

Digital Leaders of 2017/18

The Digital Leaders 2017/18

The long wait was over, as the new Digital Leaders of 2017/18 were revealed.

Year Five - Newly Appointed Digital Leaders

Rosie - 5A
Arran - 5M
Megan - 5A
Leonor - 5C
Henry - 5C
Charlie - 5A
Issy - 5H
Aeryn - 5H

Year Five - Continuing Digital Leaders
Lucia - 5M
Abigail - 5M
William - 5M
Daya - 5M
Sasha - 5H

Year Six - Newly Appointed Digital Leaders
Daniel - 6H
Mollie - 6H
James - 6H
Molly - 6P
Elizabeth - 6H
William - 6P
Hatty - 6P

Year Six - Continuing Digital Leaders
Vikassh - 6H
Adam - 6P
Mya - 6W
Keira - 6H
Jaimie - 6W
Imogen - 6W
Sydney - 6W

These Digital Leaders will be all around school, to help you out with technical issues on your iPad etc.

Proposed projects for this academic term include...

Teaching Pre-Prep & Lower Prep
Problem Solving 
Pupil Support
Interactive Displays 
Student Support
Teacher Support

Lots coming this way! Watch this Space!

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