Thursday, 9 November 2017

Digital Leaders of 2017/18

The Digital Leaders 2017/18

The long wait was over, as the new Digital Leaders of 2017/18 were revealed.

Year Five - Newly Appointed Digital Leaders

Rosie - 5A
Arran - 5M
Megan - 5A
Leonor - 5C
Henry - 5C
Charlie - 5A
Issy - 5H
Aeryn - 5H

Year Five - Continuing Digital Leaders
Lucia - 5M
Abigail - 5M
William - 5M
Daya - 5M
Sasha - 5H

Year Six - Newly Appointed Digital Leaders
Daniel - 6H
Mollie - 6H
James - 6H
Molly - 6P
Elizabeth - 6H
William - 6P
Hatty - 6P

Year Six - Continuing Digital Leaders
Vikassh - 6H
Adam - 6P
Mya - 6W
Keira - 6H
Jaimie - 6W
Imogen - 6W
Sydney - 6W

These Digital Leaders will be all around school, to help you out with technical issues on your iPad etc.

Proposed projects for this academic term include...

Teaching Pre-Prep & Lower Prep
Problem Solving 
Pupil Support
Interactive Displays 
Student Support
Teacher Support

Lots coming this way! Watch this Space!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Pre-Prep iPad support

The Year Six Digital Leaders have started aiming support at the younger pupils in the school; Pre-Prep. We have been running fun iPad skills workshops on Monday and Wednesday mornings, mostly using an app called Kodable. They have especially enjoyed doing it outside, giving them the choice of iPad or play. They are really enjoying the sessions, and we hope to carry on after Easter.

Friday, 6 January 2017

New additions!

As of today, the 6th of January, we have three new pupils joining our digital leaders team. Please welcome to the club; Todd Pinner, Ben Fellows and Harry Dyer!

These people will be able to help you, as will all of the other previously appointed leaders.

Watch this space for more information!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

At the beginning of october, the new digital leaders for 2016/17 were announced. Your digital leaders for this year are;

Year 6: Helena, Isaac, Emelia, Aryan, Ketan, Rupert, Kristian, Oli and Simi. 

Year 5: Vikassh, Mya, Adam, Keira, Jaimie, Imogen and Sydney. 

Year 4: Deya, William, Abi, Sasha and Lulu.

Monday, 14 November 2016

The Grange Digital Leaders 2016/17

The Process was taxing, the competition was tough yet the appointments have now been made...

The Digital Leader application of 2016/7  included:

Expressing an interest in the role

Digital applications through Google Forms

Interviews with members of staff

Finally  The Digital Leaders have been appointed for the 2016/17 academic year at RGS The Grange.  Applicants from Year 4 -6 applied to become the next group of innovative learners keen to make a difference at our school.  Nine Pupils from Year 6 , seven Pupils from Year 5 and five Pupils from Year 4 make up the Digital Leaders team.

 Planned activities to follow ...