Thursday, 28 January 2016

The official Launch of Digital Leaders at RGS The Grange

On Wednesday 20th January 2016 the waiting was finally over... After taxing applications and formal interviews led by Mr Hughes and Mr Warne, fourteen talented, passionate and enthusiastic students from year 6 were officially deployed as Digital Leaders at RGS The Grange. Noah, John, Oliver, Tobey, Alice, Zoe, Ellie, Angellica, Rhiannon, Emma, Niamh, Annabel, Imogen and Darcy made up the elite list of students who will be working hard to improve the use of technology in our school. They have been deployed in three areas of expertise: A testing team, A production team and a support (technical) team. After the first meeting the group was already 'Live' with a collaborative Google Doc to share great ideas with the direction of Digital Leaders. Plans are underway to deliver an assembly to the whole school (supporting Safer Internet day), a pupil drop-in session is being planned and the Digital Leaders website is about to go live! On Wednesday 27th January John and Angelica had their first task as they supported in the CAS (Computing at School) West Midlands Regional meeting by signing in guests and escorting them the the computer suite, attendees commented upon their confidence and fabulous manners. So for more information on the progress that Digital Leaders are having at RGS The Grange, follow this link:

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